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Amilo 1437g recovery with Ghost 9.0 from Image-Raid problem

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Amilo 1437g recovery with Ghost 9.0 from Image-Raid problem

Postby blackthorn » Mon Jun 25, 2007 8:09 pm


I have an Amilo 1437g, with 80Gb hd, 1 Gb ram, Windows XP Media Center Edition and a VT 6421 Raid controller inside.

SCSI- und RAID-Controller
VIA VT6421 RAID Controller
Driver vendor: VIA Technologies, Inc.
Driver version: 5.1.2600.440
Driver date: 5/25/2006

Right when I bought it I create a nice 'master installation' with all the necessary programmes and configuration.

Then I took Ghost 9.0 and created an image of the whole thing.

Now I'd like to recover the HD with my image, but unfortunately the Ghost 9.0 recovery cd doesn't recognize my hd.
I realised I could load a device driver into my memory while booting through pressing F6 on the keyboard.

It asked for a floppy disk drive - I didn't have one, so I borrowed one working with USB and copied the device drivers onto FD.

So I was able to load the device drivers into the memory on boot-up.

Now there's the problem:
He recognizes the drivers and I can choose and load them from a menu, but Ghost fails to completely boot up and gets stuck with the message (at the end of the apparent booting process): saying 'Please Wait'.

I disconnected all other usb devices. I tried all device drivers shown on the menu. still, it doesn't work.

I'd like you to help me solving the following issues:

A - does anybody know why it stops (? You had the same problem and solved it?)

B - if there is no solution, how would you go about solving it? I'd rather not like to unplug the harddrive, so I'd prefer a software solution.

C - Does anybody have/know a (legal) live-cd or DVD, which lets me recover the image(I know BartPE, but for me as a layman it's a little too complicated to include the driver and then I still have no guarantee that it works.)

D - does anybody know a product, which i could buy which *definitely* works with raid drivers and sata hard drives? Is it possible of converting an image into another format or use it with e.g. acronis true image? Does anybody have experiences with other programmes with the *same*hardware configuration and laptop?

If you could help me, I'd be very glad.

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