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a bad connection between HDD and motherboard

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a bad connection between HDD and motherboard

Postby mikiduta16 » Wed Jun 27, 2007 4:12 pm

I have a F.S. amilo pro v2020...the problem is that work's, from the moment i turn on, only 15-20 minutes, after that he start to work hardly and hardly, till it block (posible laggs, or some circuit don't make the connection right), so i have to restart, but even after a restart it still doesn't work..when start to make this problems, it works eventually only if I press on it ( a phisycally press with my hand), in the area , where is the connection between HDD and motherboard..if i kepp press it works if i take my hand..goes down and stop responding..need help..pls
P.S. excuse my english..Mihai from regards
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