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MXM x1900 now available

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MXM x1900 now available

Postby Ice-tEA » Fri Jul 13, 2007 10:22 am

Hi guys,

Just wanted to say that I now have x1900 cards available.

I tested it in the Amilo Pi and it works. Notebook gets rather hot though. It was tested with a Farcry benchmark for over an hour, no problems reported. Fan ran at close to full speed, marginal heat gains can be made by hardwiring the fan.

I have a new solution for that, but it still requires soldering.

During benchmarking I saw peak power consumptions of up to 4.2A. That means that the Amilo Pi power supply is stressed pertty close to it's maximum of 4.5A. While this should theoretically work, I certainly do not recommend it.

As for the 3438, card should work too but the fan will not react to the card. There are two possible solutions: the NCH ACPI control script or hardwiring the fan. My "v1" solution for that consists of a relay, and a USB cable. During normal operation, you just let it cool based on CPU temperature, if you want to game you plug the USB connector which connects to the fan through the relay and makes the fan run full speed.

A "v2" solution uses an internal 5V supply (harder tol solder) and a thermal switch that will have the fan run 100% if the heatsink gets too hot. This is a "cleaner", automated solution.

The power supply of the 3438 should obviously be sufficient.

Both cards will required the heatsink to be modified.

Benchmarks can be found here ->
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