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amilo d 1840w problem list

All kinds of problems or malfunctions without known reason. Also general problems with the notebook as a whole.

amilo d 1840w problem list

Postby Joltti » Thu Jul 19, 2007 5:50 pm


- DVD/CD-reader reads DVD with errors.. Example i can't install Windows Vista from DVD because it will read the disc with errors. This sux.

- RJ45 LAN is not working. It works about 1-2 hours or less and then my computer freezes. I have to use WLAN. I can live with this.

- Updated BIOS from 1.04c to 1.05c because of hoping problems go away but they went worser. My laptop is slower nowadays and goes hot. (Hard-Disk temperature were 50-65 celsius) and i couldn't write with laptops integrated keyboard because it was boiling hot :S

- I have blowed to the fans and holes in laptop and most of the dust came out.. I think. That makes laptop hot if im right =/

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