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Amilo Pro 2030 with nec 6650a

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Amilo Pro 2030 with nec 6650a

Postby kimkara » Tue Jul 24, 2007 7:32 am

Hi there,
I have an Amilo Pro 2030 with a NEC 6650a DVD writer.
Recently my DVD writer does not read any written cd's or DVD’s but has no problem reading original cd's or DVD's.
I can even write cd's and DVD's but can not read them.
The drive spins up and starts making a clicking noise.
The most worrying part is that the drive actually damages the cd/dvd, it leaves a scratch on the disk surface.
I have done the obvious of cleaning the lens and making sure that there is no funny "protrusions" on the drive.
If I need to be replacing this drive how do I get it out as any one who has tried to work on a 2030 will know that this laptop has been made “disposable” and service unfriendly, actually quite a horrid piece of equipment to service

Thanks in advance
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