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Amilo D 7830 Disassembly - Part 1

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Amilo D 7830 Disassembly - Part 1

Postby The_Librarian » Sat Aug 04, 2007 6:23 pm

Seeing that there's no disassembly manual to be found for this type of laptop, I've tinkered with the one I've got for free.

The whole thing was completely dead when I first got it. Suspected the CMOS battery, and when I replaced it, the laptop was alive once more.

Also had a big issue with that metallic plate which prevents further disassembly.

But now the secret's out how to remove that plate without breaking anything.

Put the laptop upside down on a soft surface so that the vga port, printer port and power supply port faces away from you.

First, remove the battery, HDD and memory cover by removing the three screws and sliding it to the back and up.

There's 11 screws holding the other cover. 9 big ones, and two small ones near the CPU fan. The second small screw have a cover on which can be pried out with a small screwdriver.

Once all the screws are thusly removed, pry the second (larger) cover off carefully, as it clips in place, and there's also a sticky tape near the front holding it in place.

After removing all the covers, you'll see the infamous metal plate denying access to the rest of the laptop's insides.

Now, taking care, gently slide the CD-Rom/DVD-Rom unit to the left and out of the chassis.

The plate is fastened with one screw. Remove this screw, and now you can proceed from here.

To be continued.

Reassembly is a reversal of removal.
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amilo d7830

Postby xaviernash » Sun Oct 28, 2007 4:02 pm

Hi there,
I was wondering if you know how to continue opening this model.
I'm trying to replace the innercase (the top area that surounds the keyboard). Mine is broken and i have got a new one, but i'm completely stuck.
I get as far as removing the lower part,plus HDD, CD, graphic card and processor, however i do not know how to continue.

Any help will be welcome, as it's been two days that my laptop is up side down and i don't want to put everything back yet since i got that far.

Thanks in advance for any help
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