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Amilo Xi 1526 Hardware problem

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Amilo Xi 1526 Hardware problem

Postby Nozzy » Sat Aug 18, 2007 5:59 pm

Hello everybody.
For some time now I have been the proud owner of an AMILO Laptop of the model Xi 1526 which I got to upgrade from my HP Pavillion ZD8000.
Anyhow, right now I am really not all that proud anymore, something is wrong with it and has been for some time now.

The problem occurs totally randomly and makes the whole computer lag, it is especially notable audio wise where milisecond bits of sound is looped rapidly for half a second, sometimes this problem also makes the computer crash, and often at really bad times as well.

To solve this problem which I now believe is a hardware problem I have done everything that is possible to me, I am quite the Wizzard with IT, I've done multiple reinstalls of the entire system, I've used the standard drivers, the updated ones, and even unofficial drivers, I have also flashed my BIOS, to a number of different versions, and yet the problem remains.

I guess my purpose with this thread is to ask if anybody else has seen this problem occur to them, and whether they ever found a solution, and if so, what kind of solution?

I could of course send my laptop in to a workshop, but I really don't feel like waiting 2 to 3 weeks for it to return to me if it can be avoided although it might be the only solution by now.

// Nozzy
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same here

Postby Andreiuu » Thu Dec 13, 2007 10:02 pm

:? hey what is exactly your problem .. mine unarchives very slow and installs also very slow. When i open a lot of things and bla bla bla it works very slow and it freezes. Note I have updated my bios, It works good in games , Would it be the same problem like the MXXXXX one?
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