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Li1718 RAM Questions

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Li1718 RAM Questions

Postby fujitsu1718 » Mon Sep 03, 2007 3:31 pm

Hi All,

Just bought an LI1718. Comes with 1Gb RAM and I'm running Vista Premium for fairly simple home tasks such as picture browsing (some small editing like cropping etc), web browsing, watching downloaded videos, some low level OpenOffice work. Have a desktop for intensive stuff like games etc. Have a couple of questions...

1) Is it worth upgrading it to 2Gb RAM - will that improve general performance based on the type of tasks I'm doing? Turns out some places sold it including 2Gb but not where we bought it.

2) According to ... -ram12.htm there are two speeds of RAM available - 533Mhz and 667Mhz. Will it make any difference going for the higher speed or am I limited by a graphics bus speed or something anyway? I believe the processor bus speed is 533Mhz so does this mean the RAM should be the same? And can you mix these (ie: if the RAM in there at moment is 533Mhz if I add a 667Mhz will it work?)

3) One final question, in the datasheet it talks about 'up to 256Mb HyperMemory'. Firstly, how do I know what's actually installed? And secondly, is that user-upgradeable?

Thanks in advance!
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