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Extreme graphics corruption Amilo m3438G

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Extreme graphics corruption Amilo m3438G

Postby kknvdoom » Sat Sep 15, 2007 1:00 am

Hello, I have my laptop Amilo m 3438G for almost 2 years now and i regret to say that it was a total waste of 1300 euro. At first i was very pleased there were no problems and the performance was quite good. However, as one year passed the laptop started to overheat easily (the entire laptop with its monstrous 6800 go is cooled by a 30mm fan only ) so i purchased a cooling base upon which i even installed four 80mm fans to keep the air flow going. This did wonders for my laptop as the temperature never exceeded 75 c, before this it would even shut down on its own, as the Gpu temp would go as far as 110 c. Yesterday at a certain point it begun to manifest huge graphic corruption even in the load screen of Dos so am guessing that the Gpu is crispy. Strangely though, i can enter windows without the graphics drivers installed but when i try to install it , the screen goes blank and i have to restart. Anyways, Fujitsu-Siemens told me that it would cost me about 300 euros to fix the problem so as i have no intention to spend another fortune on this thing i ordered a new desktop. Any advice if there is a cheaper way to fix the problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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