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How to upgrade RAM in Amilo m1451g

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How to upgrade RAM in Amilo m1451g

Postby hurdles » Sun Sep 16, 2007 10:52 am

Hi guys!!!!....well, i am new in this forum, i have been looking for it a while ago and finally here i am. My problem is that i want to upgrade my laptop ram BUT I CAN'T MANAGE TO REMOVE THE KEYBOARD for me to change it and as i have heard underneath the keyboard is the ram slot. so can some one could show me by pictures how to do it. I can not handle it anymore with just 512mb,I would like 1 - 2 gb.
Any help will be apreciated
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Postby richardfennah » Sat Dec 01, 2007 11:29 am


I've just done this two days ago to update my M1450G from 512 to 2GB.
Look on the edges of the black thing on your keyboard, round the keys. You should see some little clips which you need to get a flathead scredriver and just push them under the keyboard. There is one by the ESC key, 2 more on the top, one next to PgUp and the same on the other side. None on the bottom.

When all are released you need to remove the keyboard and you should see a metal sheet which i attached via screw. Remove the screw and then the sheet. Your RAM bay awaits.

Hope this helps if you need photos just email me @


BTW. If anyone has any ideas as why my RAM might not be working properly please can you reply? It seems to work sometimes and not others. I needed it primerally to run Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 with some good addons. Any help would be appreciated. I am now using 2GB between 2 1GB sticks of:
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Postby Largeparts » Sun Dec 02, 2007 7:22 pm

I've just upgraded memory on my desktop from and it was recognised first time I booted up. Check out their website to run a RAM checking and suitable replacement programme. Only one minor problem though, my Amilo M3438G comes back as only having 750M of the 1GB RAM installed.
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