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My screen stopped working! (L7300)

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My screen stopped working! (L7300)

Postby naanbrood » Wed Apr 23, 2008 12:49 pm

Hello all,

As of yesterday my screen on my L7300 stopped working. In the morning I used it just fine. Before going to college, I closed the laptop (without shutting it down, as I always have done for the last 3 years), but when I returned and opened up the laptop the screen just stopped working. The laptop works fine, I am using it right now with an external monitor, which leads me to believe the graphics card is not the problem.

However, I can see the screen on my laptop just a little little bit. When I keep my eyes on the screen with a distance of 1 inch, i can read the letters. So maybe there is something wrong with the backlight?

I've looked through all the settings in XP, but I hardly think that is the problem because the screen looks fine on the external monitor when I plug it into the laptop. I've also tried the brightness up/down with the Fn key, but that did not do anything.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated, seeing as my warrenty has run out :(
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Postby hikaru » Fri Apr 25, 2008 8:08 am

According to your description it is really the backlight that is broken.
You will have to replace it.
You will find other treads with this topic here in the forum and also addresses where you can get spare parts.
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