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Upgrading Amilo M 1451G [RAM] Topic is solved

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Upgrading Amilo M 1451G [RAM]  Topic is solved

Postby woo4u » Wed Jun 18, 2008 3:59 pm

i want to replace 2x 256mb memory modules with 2x 1 gb memory modules. i don't know which should i buy - what speed/type would be the best for my Amilo M 1451G ?

also, i've already taken off the keyboard and i see the memory slots but i'm not sure how to pull the ram out ^^ i just don't want to accidentally break anything.. and since in the EasyGuide there's no info concerning the replacement of ram (pretty gay) i thought i'd ask here before i cause any damage.. i've done this like few times in my desptop but i have no experience with a laptop (it seems obvious but i want to be completely sure).

so.. to get out the memory modules all i have to do is just to unbend the lockdown tabs and pull the memory out? is it that simple, or there's a different way?

thanks in advance.


nevermind, bought 2x 1gb DDR2 667 and replaced (i didn't know that after unbending the memory would pop up, haha). easier than i thought and all works well.

sorry for the topic, cheers.
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Re: Upgrading Amilo M 1451G [RAM]

Postby atsinaa » Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:57 am

i wanna buy ram also
but why nobody helps
we need help guys :))

whşch speed we should buy
533 mhz or 400 mhz
2x1gb is suitable or the upgrade limit is 1 gb ?? i mean 2X512?or only 1 gb help us guys help us ???
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Re: Upgrading Amilo M 1451G [RAM]

Postby atsinaa » Wed Aug 27, 2008 5:26 pm

ok guys
i see that there is nobody here that even can say :
no i have no idea
there is no mod or somethin

i got the control guys :D

i tried today how to do it
i am 186 mhz 80 gb 512 mb ram etc amilo m 1451 g

we have ddr2 400 thans to fujitsu
they made a good chipset
we are better than dell,ibm or something
we are the champions
deutschland ist der beste :D
deutsche qualitat :DD
2 gb ddr 2 667 is the max that i can put in to my pc
i used to have 2x256mb
i went to my friends home than we opened keyboard and also tried 2 gbin one slt 1 gb in other slot
but pc didnt realized 3 gb
so 2 gb is the limit
if you have any more questions, feel free to contact with me
dont hesitate to contact with me :DD
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Re: Upgrading Amilo M 1451G [RAM]

Postby mcasoni » Thu Aug 28, 2008 3:08 pm

Hi guys

got the same problem... M1451G, 1.6GHz with 1GB RAM. But need more! :shock:
So, gonna buy 2 x 1GB SDRAM-DDR2 667 (SODIMM module, unbuffered)... basing on you experience, is this correct?
Again, it looks like RAM modules are beneath the keyboard... correct? Any suggestion for accessing RAM slots without breaking something? :idea:

Your help's greatly appreciated!
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