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Fried Amilo M1451G?

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Fried Amilo M1451G?

Postby Delfo79 » Mon Jul 21, 2008 1:46 pm

Hi everybody
it's my first post in this forum. Some days ago, after my power brick fell down while I was working on my laptop (Amilo M1451G), it suddenly turned off. Now, when I turn it on, the fan spins and the alimentation looks ok, but the screen stays frozen in the first image (the one eith fujitsu-siemens and intel centrino logos)...The keys for the bios menu don't work: if I press F2 or F12, nothing happens...Also, I can't hear any beeps...
Since the guarantee has already expired, I'm trying to fit it on my own before buying another laptop. What I need to know are the following:
- Is there a way to understand which part (or parts) are frozen?
- Where can I find a tutorial to disassemble the keyboard of the computer in order to check my RAM? On Fujitsu support there is no material, and I haven't found so far in this forum any hints... Also, which other laptops have the same disassemblement procedure?
Thanks in advance
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