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amilo li 2727 laptop Ram upgrade question

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amilo li 2727 laptop Ram upgrade question

Postby baconbuttyman » Mon Nov 24, 2008 9:57 pm

hi new on here.
Got more ram for my laptop, but the spare slot is behind the key board so i have been told. how do i lift key board and place the upgrade into the slot
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Re: amilo li 2727 laptop Ram upgrade question

Postby hikaru » Tue Nov 25, 2008 7:46 am

I don't know your notebook but the normal procedure is to search for a screw in the middle of the underside of your notebook (maybe labeled with K/B), removing it, then to unclip the four to six latches around your keyboard (mostly one left and right and multiple ones on the upper side), lifting the keyboard on the upper side, unplugging the bus cable and removing the keyboard.

Sometimes it is necessary to remove the panel between keyboard and display hinges and to push the keyboard towards the display instead of lifting it.
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Re: amilo li 2727 laptop Ram upgrade question

Postby saryd » Fri Dec 12, 2008 4:55 pm

Turn over your laptop. You see a panel held with 7 screws. Remove this and the memory slot is immediatley apparent. Very easy, and you do not have to remove the keyboard. I have a PDF manual which installed with the system: C:MANUAL_SYSTEM_AMILO LI 2727 but you shouldn't need it.
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Re: amilo li 2727 laptop Ram upgrade question

Postby steveabode » Mon Dec 15, 2008 9:26 am

HI Guys and (unlikely) gals! ... uID=210186
(Ths is the instruction manual that the last gut was talking about)

Thanks for answering what would have been my first question- how to upgrade the RAM. I don't suppose there's any way to get more grunt from the graphics is there? I have upped the Virtual Memory in [Control Panel> System> Advanced System Settings> Performance (Settings)> Advanced TAB > Change] from 1000MB to a Minimum 3000MB and max 6000MB and have noticed a bit of a speed up on my system, especially when processing video. I am guessing that the lappy will be manufactured with an integrated chipset for graphics and probably won't even have a slot for an add-in card, but any tips as to improving what's there already would go down great! I have tried to "Adjust for Best performance" in the Advanced TAB above, but it just looks like a duff XP and seeemed to hang for ages on most programs, so I just selected "Let Windows decide..." and the comp is running really sweetly right now- still can't get Half-Life Source Engine to be smooth, even on 640 x 480! Gutted, but it's only a £300 laptop after all...

I'm running Vista 32 bit Business Version

Cheers all
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Re: amilo li 2727 laptop Ram upgrade question

Postby rayfward » Sat Jan 31, 2009 11:49 pm

I think your performance setting are on the wrong values (assuming you have had a memory up grade).
This is the same task required for any windows computer that has ram added so I will describe the procedure in full.
For windows users performance settings should be set as follows.
Right click on my computer and select properties. Select Advanced tab then performance settings.
Look at the Recommended value and set the minimum and maximum page file values to that value.
There is no point setting the upper limit to a higher value because if you get an out of virtual memory error then either you do not have enough memory or you have an application problem.

This is described in the windows help files but to sum it up the help file say you can set virtual memory to any value but it's best to leave it on the recommended settings.

And that's why I use Linux :roll:
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Re: amilo li 2727 laptop Ram upgrade question

Postby cyberdude1000 » Sat Feb 14, 2009 12:51 am

I Have An Amilo Li 1718. to remove the keyboard i simply take out the battery, place the laptop as i would do to use it, move back the screen so it is flat and have access to the bezel above the keyboard and with my fingers or a small flathead screwdriver, prize open the side of the bezel next to the charging slot/kensington cable lock. once this is removed i have access to the keyboard, which just lifts off cleanly. all that needs to be done then is to unclip the keyboard from the motherboard. Hope this helps.

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