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Upgrading RAM

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Upgrading RAM

Postby soap_box » Fri Nov 28, 2008 4:45 pm

Hi, I am looking to upgrade my g/f's Amilo Li 1718

It currently has a intel core 2 duo T5300
Vista Home Premium
128MB xpress 200m onboard vid

would it be possible to upgrade to 4GB or only 3GB of RAM? The laptop contains 2x1GB RAM at the moment so I'm guessing if I had to upgrade to 3, I could just buy a 2GB stick and put it in with one of the 1GB sticks? Ideally I'd like to go to 4GB but I'm not sure if it will support it.

The laptop currently struggles with playback of HD content, the video falls out of sync with the audio, what upgrade could I do to solve this?

thanks for your time,
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Re: Upgrading RAM

Postby hikaru » Sat Nov 29, 2008 2:07 pm

3GB should work but I don't know if 4GB will do. Even if they do you will not be able to use them because a 32bit Windows (assuming that this is what you have) can only use about 3.2GB.

However, with the most video players HD-video is far beyond the capabilities of your notebook (with or without an upgrade), because the common decoders are very inefficient for HD-video.
The only software I know that has better HD-decoders I know is PowerDVD. You may want to test it before deciding to upgrade your hardware.
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Re: Upgrading RAM

Postby H3llr3is3r » Thu Dec 11, 2008 2:53 pm

someone knows if this
KHX6400S2LLK2/4G Kingston HyperX mobile memories will work for me on Xa2528 laptop. I have now 2 gigs and sometimes i feel the need of more...
in next years i will buy a cpu upgrade but i have to know if i really can use this...the original is quimonda and buying from fsc is too expensive for me...just to compare at fsc the quimonda is near 300 eur whyle i can buy this "puppies" near 85eur with VAT.
every answere is good for me...
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Re: Upgrading RAM

Postby H3llr3is3r » Thu May 28, 2009 11:41 am

in february i upgraded my laptop memory from 2gigs to 4 gigs. I buyed kingston hyperX laptop modules.
It worked fine(i have bios support for it). Now my Xa2528 dies. probably some of the nvidias chips overheated.
I played and when i finished, i just rebooted(initiali i want shutdown just missed the button on Win7 rc1 x64).
And thats it no boot...Morning booted and i shutdown the laptop normal and from that shutdown never wake up.

So, repair shop is the future...
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