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Amilo M 1420 graphic upgrade or other problem

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Amilo M 1420 graphic upgrade or other problem

Postby Prank » Wed May 20, 2009 6:04 pm


Is it possible to upgrade Ati mobility radeon 9600/9700 to something other ?

My laptop has serious problem and some friends told me that they had something like this because of graphic card.
Few months ago the computer started to turn of. For example if I do some work and cooler starts to spin faster I could expect that computer will turn off. I tried to watch CPU usage while I was doing work but one day it doesnt turn off when CPU is 100 % used, the other day ir turns off...

Maybe someone had this problem or knows because of what it happens?

Thanks a lot !

Sorry for my english :)
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Re: Amilo M 1420 graphic upgrade or other problem

Postby aspettl » Thu May 21, 2009 6:47 pm

You'd have to change the whole mainboard, because the graphics chip is onboard.
Did you already try to remove dust etc. from the heat sink and fan? You'll have to improve the cooling, because it's probably overheating.

(You can also reduce the maximum cpu speed and/or the cpu voltage and activate PowerPlay for the Radeon graphics chip. I used that also on my M1420 - so it wouldn't even require the fan for my normal work. Of course that doesn't solve the overheating problem itself, it would just prolong the time before overheating.)

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