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L7320 Headphone jack BROKEN :( Topic is solved

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L7320 Headphone jack BROKEN :(  Topic is solved

Postby L7320 fuji » Fri Jun 12, 2009 10:18 pm


Im back again with another problem. My headphone jack has been broken for a while, the plastic was cracked but still worked. Until tonight!
I tripped over my headphones, which broke the headphone plug! but the most damaged was to the jack which totally crumbled right down to the motherboard leaving just a bit of plastic stuck there.

Ive checked my options and for the short term ive seen USB audio adapters been reccomended for my situation, some are really small and i need something around this size... ... B000NPKGGK
If anyone has any reccomendations, ideally need to be able to buy them on the UK highstreet or on UK websites.

For the long term, I know i should probably get a new laptop as the silver keyboard surround is also worn and cracking, but I wouldnt mind having a go at replacing this and possibly the audio jack with a solder iron. I just don't have a clue where to get the jack and the keyboard surround, so if anyone knows please give me directs of where I can find them.

If anyone could help me here I would appretiate it greatly as im lost without my audio :(

L7320 fuji
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Re: L7320 Headphone jack BROKEN :(

Postby L7320 fuji » Sat Jul 18, 2009 8:04 pm

Replying to this thread.

I purchased a Lindy USB audio adapter instead of the StarTech linked in the original post. ... B000QY2G2U

I recommend this throuroughly the sound is amazing, if not better than original soundcard. Easy to use, well made, near next day delivery.
When I start a new job im going to buy new plastic casing for my laptop as its cracking and try and fix/learn how to solder a new sound jack onto my motherboard! It will be a little project as I love taking stuff apart.

I'l mark this thread as fixed and pop back when i've completed the renovation of laptop.
L7320 fuji
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