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Changing hard drives / DVD drives

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Changing hard drives / DVD drives

Postby xray » Mon Mar 27, 2006 10:28 am

Changing the hard drive

Generally, notebooks need 2,5" hard drives. Any semi-up-to-date notebook can be equipped with any hard drive, at least up until a size of 120 Gb, as long as you consider the following:

There are IDE and SATA drives. New models, like the M1437, M1439, M3438 are based on the PCI-Express technology and use SATA controllers. All previous models like the M1405, M1420, M1425, M7425, A1630, A1640 use IDE controllers.

Which hard drive?
There are quite a few different manufacturers. Fujitsu and Samsung are mostly very quiet and therefore commendable. The rpm-count is related to the speed of the drive. 4200 rpm is normal, 5400 is faster but also generates more heat. Good post by PappaBaer about IDE-hard drives (in german!).

How to assemble?
Usually, this is done by opening the housing. You can find tutorials for specific models by searching the forums...

Changing the dvd drive

The slot for dvd drives is standardized, that means that any drive will fit every notebook. But: the faceplate won't fit. If you use a drive of the same manufacturer as the old one you might have a chance the faceplate fits. Otherwise you could choose a drive that FSC uses in their notebooks so you could order the faceplate as a "replacement".


The warranty won't be void because you changed a drive as long as you don't destroy anything while changing it.

For further questions please use the forum search, many have already been answered.

No responsability is taken for the correctness of the above statements.

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