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Firmware updates for the cd/dvd drive

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Firmware updates for the cd/dvd drive

Postby xray » Mon Mar 27, 2006 10:45 am

Why do a firmware update?

Firmware upates play an important role, especially concerning cd/dvd drives. They can increase the reading speed, remove dvd-region-code limitations, add writing techniques. It can therefore be very helpful to do a firmware update.

Where to get firmware updates?

The first place to look for firmware should be FSC, you will probably find it at ... loads.html. If not, you can always ask them directly via email. An alternative is the list in the post below.

Applying the update: "flashing"

Usually the firmware update is applied onto the drive with the enclosed exe-file. The firmware itself in a seperate file. The procedure varies though.


Due to the fact that any software will contact the drives indirectly via the firmware, everything depends on it being installed correctly. Should you install the wrong version or should something go wrong while flashing it, it's possible the drive won't be recognized anymore. Note: There can be different revisions of a drive that each need individual versions of the firmware. Sometimes some updates will "just" cause trouble.

Please forward any additions/suggestions via mail or PM to aspettl
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Postby xray » Mon Mar 27, 2006 11:22 am

This is a list of firmwares for the drives used in Amilos. Additions are always welcome, PM aspettl please.

NEC ND 6750

NEC ND 6650A
Firmware Version 1.5:,9135,-N ... html#62910
Don't switch between 1.x and 2.x versions, that might destroy the drive!
Blank CD-List ... -6650A.pdf

NEC ND 6500A
Firmware 2.58:,9140,-A ... html#62911

LG GWA-4082N
No official updates available, only known version: CW02.
There have been reports that HN03 GMA (NEC) Windows and this firmware for GMA-4082N activate DVD-RAM support.

LG GCA-4080N
Firmware OW34: ...

LG GWA-4040N
Firmware 1.02: ... 6883B47C88

Philips SDVD8431
Firmware LJ41:
Firmware LX40/43:,2707,-F ... html#16527 (not by FSC)
Firmware LX44:,2707,-F ... html#28065 (not by FSC)
Firmware LX48:
Firmware LX51:
Blank CD-lists: ... be&bid=379,7538,-P ... html#51060,7813,-P ... html#54793

Philips SDVD8820
Firmware AX31:,13278,- ... -8820.html

Firmware DU05: ... 1C3B7BAB67

Firmware LX51:

Ricoh DVD+RW RW8165
Firmware 1.05 (only for Amilo M1420!),10001,- ... html#70200

General site concerning firmwares
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