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*** Mx438 - 2nd sATA HDD - part list ***

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*** Mx438 - 2nd sATA HDD - part list ***

Postby xray » Mon Mar 27, 2006 5:10 pm

For all those who want to install the 2nd HDD.

Hard drive
sATA 80GB Samsung HM080JI / oder Fujitsu MHT2080BH
(see your dealer for pricing)

s-ATA adapter
88035847 UWL:80-BP7100-A0 HDD BOARD (SATA) REV.A
6,94 Euro gross

2nd HDD-frame
88035914 UWL:83-UJ0503-10 BRACKET ASSEMBLY 2ND HDD
1,64 Euro gross

Cable to motherboard
88035932 UWL:29-UJ0087-00 HDD CABLE (SATA)
4,77 Euro gross

Additionally, silver screws
4 screws for the hard drive
88001037 UWL:41-760230-03 SCREW M3*3 I BNI HEAD T=0.4MM
0,99 Euro gross a piece (order 4 pieces)
Here you can also use the little screws that are shipped with some cd-drives for PCs. Just try them or order the above screws.

3 screws for the frame
88035871 UWL:41-721C25-03 SCREW M2.5*3 I#1 NI+NYLOCK 0,89 Euro gross a piece (order 3 pieces)

all screws M3438
prices between 0,89 - 1,02 EUR a piece
88035865 UWL:41-720002-25 SCREW M2*2.5 #0 BZ+NYLOK (H=0.3)
88035866 UWL:41-720023-14 SCREW M2.5*14 I#1 BZNY
88035867 UWL:41-720525-04 SCREW M2.5*4 D4.1 T0.6 NI+NYLOK I
88035868 UWL:41-720B25-05 SCREW M2.5*5 I#1 BZ NYLOK
88035869 UWL:41-720C25-05 SCREW M2.5*5 I#1 NI+NYLOK
88035870 UWL:41-721C02-25 SCREW M2*2.5 D=4.6 #1 NI+NYLOK
88035871 UWL:41-721C25-03 SCREW M2.5*3 I#1 NI+NYLOCK
88035872 UWL:41-840117-04 SCREW B1.7X4 D5 NI
88034326 UWL:41-721520-05 SCREW M2*5 I #1 NI+NYLOK
88001010 UWL:41-710C25-05 SCREW M2.5*5 P#1 NI+NYLOK
88001011 UWL:41-720025-08 SCREW M2.5*8 I #1 BNI+NYLOK
88001037 UWL:41-760230-03 SCREW M3*3 I BNI HEAD T=0.4MM
88001024 UWL:41-720520-03 SCREW M2.0*3 I-#1-NI-NYLOCK
88001026 UWL:41-720620-03 SCREW M2.0*3 I #1 BNI
82103140 UWL:41-720120-03 SCREW M2.0*3 I #1 NI
88033327 UWL:41-720725-06 SCREW M2.5*0.45*6 I#1 BNI+NYLO

Shipping 5,00 Euro cash in advance
Shipping 12,50 Euro cash on delivery
(estimated costs for shipping inside Germany)

Contact details (shipping only to Germany!):
RTS Elektronik Systeme GmbH
+49 (0) 84 42/92 71-0 oder
Direkt +49 (0) 84 42/92 71-16 /


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