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No suspend with mounted samba share

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No suspend with mounted samba share

Postby drhex » Thu Sep 30, 2010 11:21 am

At first, my Amilo M3438G / Ubuntu 10.04 suspended fine when asked to.
After installing the proprietary Nvidia driver, it would also wake up from suspend. A nice touch :wink:

There's also a windows box on the LAN, so I used samba to be able to connect to its shared directories.
Now, when I choose "suspend" from the menu, the screen show funny patterns and goes blank for a few seconds (as expected),
but instead of switching off the screen it asks for the current user's password (which I explicitly disabled for suspend using gconf-editor /gnome-powermanagement).
If I first unmount the samba share, suspend will proceed without problems.

Any hints on how to make it either:
* suspend properly despite having a samba share monuted, or
* auto-unmount the share before suspending (preferably with some "force" option since it frequently looses the connection resulting in long delays for any network operation)
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Re: No suspend with mounted samba share

Postby aspettl » Thu Sep 30, 2010 9:39 pm

As this is no hardware specific issue, I'd suggest you ask this question in a Linux or Ubuntu forum. There, the chances for a good answer will be higher ;-)
(If you do that, please post a link to the new thread in the other forum. Thanks.)

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