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L7310W: WLAN to slow, even with external WLAN USB stick Topic is solved

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L7310W: WLAN to slow, even with external WLAN USB stick  Topic is solved

Postby freifacht » Fri Nov 26, 2010 8:19 am

Hello everybody,

i have issues with the WLAN internet speed of my L7310W notebook.
As far as i already learned the internal Atheros AR5005G network adaptor is slow as hell and will not go beyond 5.000 kbit/s

So i plugged in a USB adaptor with the REALTEK RTL 8187L chipset.
That stick works fine on various other PCs and gives me the full 16.000 kbit/s of my line.
But not on the L7310W notebook.
Here the speed is as low as the speed of the internal adaptor and will also not go beyond 5.000 kbit/s

What i have done so far is that i optimized the network settings with the "DFÜ-Speed" software and also made sure that the REALTEK driver is uptodate.

I also make sure that the notebook is really connected via the USB-stick and not accidentally via the the internal network adaptor.

Also i want to mention that the speed is very good (16.000 kbit/s) when the notebook is connected via LAN-cable to the modem.

Can anybody tell me what is going wrong and what else i can do to get more speed out of the USB WLAN adaptor?

Many thanks in advance :)

PS: deactivating the internal ATHEROS adaptor does not affect the WLAN speed of the USB adaptor.

PPS: OS is "XP Home Edition SP3"

EDIT: updating to the newest VIA PN800 + VT8235CE drivers solved the problem.
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