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D1845 wireless card upgrade?

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D1845 wireless card upgrade?

Postby Markeh » Wed Mar 02, 2011 4:53 pm

Hi, first post on these forums.

My father owns an Amilo D1845 (bought it used last year), and up to now it's been a great laptop. Ordinarily it would connect via wi-fi to our Belkin G+ MIMO router.

Virgin Media, after our 7 year old modem packed up, recently provided us with a Virgin Media Hub (also known as a Netgear VMDG280), which is a modem and router rolled into one, is WPA2, and on 802.11n. No problem for the numerous N devices (including 3 other laptops, an Android phone, an iPod, and 3 desktops, all running various different OS's)

As I understand it, N and G are compatible. Indeed, the USB G adapter on my HTPC, and the PCI G adapter on my main desktop recognise the new Virgin network. However, his Amilo cannot see the network. So at the moment I've left the Belkin connected to the Netgear. I'm not sure what wireless card is in the laptop, and have a feeling for some reason that it might be a Broadcom 4315...

Would it be possible to replace the internal card (which is on a mini PCI card if memory serves correct) with one that supports n? The thing I can see a problem with is whether the aerials built into the Amilo will work with n, and also compatibility with the main board. If it helps, he's got the 3.2GHz one, 512 RAM, Mobility 9700, and is on XP Home SP3.
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Re: D1845 wireless card upgrade?

Postby Marcelus » Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:23 am

I just can't understand what is the problem but you have to know that some network cards don't recongize some routers and viceversa.
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