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AMILO Pa 2510, not detecting CD/DVD drive

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AMILO Pa 2510, not detecting CD/DVD drive

Postby hanskrig » Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:10 pm


I am wondering if somebody could help me out with the following problem:

I have a AMILO PA 2510 that had a defect disk, I changed the hard drive.. so far so good. Then I wanted to reinstall Vista, but the machine will not detect the CD / DVD drive. When I access the BIOS I cannot see the drive there either... I have tried to set the BIOS from auto detect to CD Drive, but with no luck. The drive has power, as the cd spins up when you insert one.

Can anybody help me? Thank you.

PS. I am also not able to boot with an USB stick for some reason.... I get a black screen, with just a blinking marker.

Thank you :lol:
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