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amilo pi 1536 battery

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amilo pi 1536 battery

Postby dan2 » Fri May 27, 2011 1:01 pm

hi guys ive just bought a 1536 the battery lasts 45mins. its a 4400mah, is there a bigger battery about to pl;ug into it?

also the dvd drive bezel is missing i can find bezels of other models. so is there a bezel off another model that would fit? anybody no of anywhere to buy the bezel?

cheers muchly
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Re: amilo pi 1536 battery

Postby silverarrow » Mon May 30, 2011 2:30 pm

Fujitsu are not known to have the best battery capacity, and I have seen different battery models on the exact same Amilo model, so you have to be very careful you get the right battery. Some models come in 6600mah, you just have to search your battery number, and preferably confirm by picture and specs. I have bought new battery for Fujitsu, that fit in the slot, had identical specs, yet did not work. Fujitsu are fuzzy that way. In the battery there is some kind of chip that need to identified and read by the computer, and not all brands are flexible to read this card.

Yes other models have the same bezel, but I am afraid I cannot help with numbers. However, you are very likely to find parts on ebay, and on the web in general.

I have an old laptop with a nearly flat battery, and I am thinking of replacing the battery cells my self, if I can find a way to open the casing :mrgreen:
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