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Abusive statements about companies etc.

Postby aspettl » Fri Apr 07, 2006 2:17 pm

Hi everyone!

Due to the fact that the lawyer of a notebook shop contacted me the day before yesterday concerning a thread in the german forum I will from now on enforce the following rules:

Threads containing abusive statements about companies/portray them as frauds or cast a negative image of any kind, be it through disadvantageous phrasing, are going to be deleted or edited accordingly!
Exception: You provide reasons for your statements, meaning that you explain what the company did wrong.

The reason for this is very simple:
Anyone could ruin the reputation of a shop by just writing false accusations such as "This shop sucks, don't buy anything there, they're frauds!", etc. The respective company will of course take action to defend itself against these accusations.

Of course allowed: Facts/Experiences
If a company for example has poor support (or did so in your case) the accusations are reasonable and permitted. Everyone may report facts, however, these facts have to be mentioned so I can rule out defamation.

Best regards

Previous proceeding
Up until now I have merely asked the author of such a thread to explain his reasons. As I now had to find out this is not sufficient if he or she doesn't react.
Should anyone find a thread that falls in this category please contact me via pm. Thanks!

Please note that your are far from being anonymous here. The IP addresses of each post is logged and there is an EU-directive that orders providers to maintain a record of all used IP addresses. If there was to be a trial it would be possible to trace the IP to a certain user.

Thanks to xray for translating the German announcement.
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